So You Think You've Found Your Realtor?

"This letter is to recognize a tried & true Realtor, Janet Baier. She has helped Sue & I with several transactions over the years and we have referred her to family and friends all of these years. We wholeheartedly believe she is one of those real estate professionals who will do anything to make you happy.

Janet is one of those individuals who remembers her clients and networks people together, helping all of us prosper. ...In the 17 years we've known her, we are quick to refer folks to her, whether there is an immediate need or just something someone was thinking about doing, as it often helps people realize whether or not they're ready for that next step. She doesn't pull any punches either. If she knows you can't pull of that luxury home move or investment property deal, she'll help open your eyes before you get in too deep. That's the type of professional who knows "when to say when", unlike many others who would push you into anything to get a sale, which likely would financially strangle you and have you unhappy for a very long time. Yes, it's her hook for life! Personally, I think she lives for that "Gotcha Moment" with her clients, who quickly become friends for life. Hopefully you'll find her as helpful as we have all of these years."

- Eddie S, Sycamore IL

How Beautiful A Day When Kindness Touches It

"I really cannot find all the right ways to say thanks to you and Dennis. Your kindness to us means so very much. From the time I called you, you have been there for us every step of the way. When we needed a lawyer, it was you who gave us Linda. When we needed a plumber it was you once again who came through for us. Jan, the time you took with us in everything we had to do to get our house sold was overwhelming and yo never once made us feel like we were asking too much of you.

Jan, you certainly are an asset to your profession. I do not know of many people who do what you do and make it seem so enjoyable. Jan, I can't tell you how grateful Frank and I are for all hte help you have given us with Mark. Dennis has gone out of his way, too. On Mother's Day both of you took your special time to help Mark. Not many people would have done that. You and Dennis make a great team! Jan, you have been Mark's guardian angel. He was so depressed that he would not find anything after th efirst deal fell through. Then it was you who pursued and have now found him his place. Frank and I took a ride to see the outside and really liked it ten times better than the other one!

In closing, thanks for being not only our realtor but also more importantly our FRIEND!

You have touched many of our days with much kindness."

- Lorrie O., Bloomingdale IL

Thank you so much for helping us find the right home!

"Just think - it all started with a telephone inquiry at midnight!

My "wish list" was topped by a need to have a window in the kitchen. I wanted a dining room and 3 bedrooms, too. I was looking for a condo.

Well, we wound up in a townhouse! Never did I think that we could afford so much home!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding me not only 3 bedrooms and a dining rom but also the kitchen wit a window looking out into my own backyard and a 2-car garage! Andy and I will love this home and can't wait to start decorating!"

- Halina M., Hanover Park IL

Very PATIENT, kind and accommodating.

"Put us ahead of all her plans at all times. ALWAYS returned calls. Absolutely THE best of at least twenty agents we contacted for assistance.

She was solicitous and caring."

- Kiki C., Bloomingdale IL

Janet had me in mind when she saw the house!

"Janet is fun to work with, informative and assertive. I am most impressed with her patience, professionalsm and all her support in helping me adjust to my new home and neighborhood. I would highly recommend her to a friend and work with her in the future."

- Nicole C., Addison IL